Saturday, February 5, 2011



"Ovi's masterful draughtsmanship renders the heartfelt yearnings of new love and the stomach churning rush of the scooter chase into a not-so-quaint vision of Portland, Oregon, where pigs can do amazing things."
-James Jean
Illustrator & Eisner award winning “Best Cover Artist” of the year; 2004.

"Great draftsmanship and appealing design. Beautiful compositions that completely compliment the design of the characters and the environments. The visual pacing was great. All the staging is really nice and clear and there is some really fun, inventive visual storytelling going on man. I dig the characters story. I can't wait to see whats next!  I'm sold.”
-Shane Prigmore
Animator: “The Iron Giant”, “Osmosis Jones” & Character Designer: “Curious George”, "how to train your Dragon", "Megamind"

“Ovi is one of the most talented artists I've come across in my 10 years in the animation industry. There aren't many people that can paint, draw and and design with his ability (check out his awesome website if you need more proof). Ovi rocks and so does Pigtale. Pigtale is going to make me a fan of comics again. Thanks for bringing me back.”
-Joe Moshier
Character Stylist/Designer: DISNEY Feature Animation “Emperor’s New Groove”, “Home on the Range”, “Chicken Little”.

“I just had the pleasure of reading the first issue of Ovi Nedelcu's PIGTALE.  What can I say?  Great art, intriguing story and a talking pig for Pete's sake!  Sign me up, I'm sold!”-Tom Sniegoski
Author of The Nimble Man: A Tale of the Menagerie, coming from Ace Books in October and Stupid, Stupid Rat Tales: The Adventures of Big Johnson Bone, from Cartoon Books.

"I actually read the first issue of Ovi Nedelcu's Pigtale twice.  Once for me, and once (I'm happy to say) for my kids.  This Ovi guy really knows what he's doing (I'm also happy to say).  Based on other work I've seen from Ovi, I knew Pigtale would look good.  It surpassed my expectations in the writing, though.  It's fun and clear and simple- filled with neatly designed characters and wonderful environments.  My favorite part of the comic is the acting Ovi gets out of his cast.  There's such a nice life to the stuff.  I've put the cover image of Pigtale #2 on my computer's desktop.  That should hold me over until the next installment hits my comic shop."-Tommy Lee Edwards
Illustrator for comics like "The Question", books like "Star Wars"and movies like "Batman Begins" and "Harry Potter"

"Ovi Nedelcu has my jaw dropping with his work on PIGTALE.  He's managed to do something that is very rare these days in American comic books-- and that is to have a visual voice that is all his own.  I'm blown away by the style Ovi had created for this book-- it's like nothing I've ever seen.  With lines that are sharp as diamonds, yet fluid like water; deceptively simple figure work supported by incredibly fully realized backgrounds; stylization combined with natural body language-- PIGTALE is a visual feast and a wonder to behold.  BRAVO, Ovi-- I can't wait to see more!"-Mike Wieringo
Artist: MARVEL’S “Fantastic Four”, “Spiderman”

“Ovi Nedelcu's PIGTALE is a great example of great design combined with simple storytelling.  It gets better with each page!  I can't wait to see the rest of the story!”-Shannon Tindle
Character Stylist/Designer: UNIVERSAL Studios Animation “Curious George”

”As a comic book buyer I'm easy. If the artwork is good, I step in and take in the sights. If the story is half-way decent, I stay a little longer. If the storytelling is strong--that is, the way the story is told, separate from regarding its content--then I have to buy it.

Ovi Nedelcu's Pigtale has all of the above. The overall design of the book is like that of an animated property: Characters are well done and singularly consistent; the staging of scenes recalls the spare style of Chuck Jones, and mixed in with strong cinematography (that last one is sorely missing in most comics--or overdone and calling undue attention to itself). Very well done here. The pacing of the book is vibrant and artwork is clean and clear.

The story though is transparent and shuffles through set-ups apace. The lead character has less dimensions than the excellent drawings can help. Boston, an unfortunate underachieving hero is also saddled with an extant father's career and likely he's nothing like the old man. Boston is also a good guy pining for the unattainable good babe, who in turn finds his pedestrian good heart is just what babes with good hearts fall for. I love a good-natured romance but these two are already meant for each other, no waiting. He even gets to punch out the bad boys manhandling his date, as all heroes with good hearts do. But let's not forget the book's title has the word "Pig" in it. Clear the deck, exposition T.V. newscast: scientists can now make animals talk, pigs even. The bad boys give chase and is dispatched but now he is right in place for an explosion in the aforementioned scientist's labs where our good lad is the first on the scene--to discover the reason for the book's title.
Conveniences like these are good used sparingly and it is hoped that in the future issues the characters take over with more life than the outward plot will allow.”
-Ronnie del Carmen
Creator/Artist/Storyteller of “PAPERBISCUIT”  &  PIXAR Story Artist: “Finding Nemo”, "Ratatouille", "UP".

“Good clear storytelling wrapped around a quirky and intriguing concept…I want to see more.”
-Mike Cachuela
Story Man: “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Toy Story”, “The INCREDIBLES”, "Coraline".

“I just finished reading the first issue you sent me and I really enjoyed it. I was hooked from the first few pages. Boston Booth is a cool character and I'm sure many people will immediately relate to him.
I thought the whole comic flowed effortlessly. It was very well paced. The dialogue was fun and genuine. The artwork was strong and animated. I could practically see it moving in some cases! I'm intrigue by the cliffhanger... I want to see more!
Great Job! I see the making of a very good series!”
Michel Gagné
Gagné International Press

"Pigtale is one of those books that fall out of the sky and you have to wonder, 'Where the hell did THIS guy come from? And I mean that in the best possible where-have-you-been-all-my-life kind of way. This guy is, simply put, incredible--and I've got a strong feeling about this one. Generally, when that happens--it's a book that catches readers and retailers by surprise and they come back at me a few months later and say to me, 'why didn't you TELL ME this was going to be good?' well, we do--and we will. And like Flight, Ultra, The Walking Dead, Firebreather and Invincible before it--I think readers and retailers alike are simply going to fall in love with this book. Seriously folks--this book is outstanding and you'll never stop kicking yourself if you miss it. This guy is GOOD,"-Erik Larsen
Publisher: "IMAGEcomics" & Creator/Artist of: "Savage Dragon"

"I loved it. I’ve been a fan of your illustration style since you first came a’knockin’ and your comic book continues that trend. Love the character design, the use of shading and tone, your sense of camera, the whole style of it.  Look forward to episode 2! Thanks!"
 -Paul Diener

Producer “LAIKA Studios”

"When I first saw Ovi Nedelcu's Pigtale comic, I was very impressed by the character designs and framing of each shot.  Now that I have read the book, I can honestly say that Ovi is a solid storyteller as well. 
The spare line and simple shapes indicate an illustrator who is comfortable with his craft and is more preoccupied with the telling of the tale than with the rendering of a single image.  The first issue is a nice introduction to the world of young Boston Booth Jr., and I look forward to seeing where he goes..."
-Kazu Kibuishi,
“Flight”, “Daisy Kutter”, “Copper”

"Ovi's Pigtale is a wonderful comic. Admittedly, I tend to collect comics mostly for the artwork in it, and Pigtale is something I'd collect; the art is fabulous. I really enjoy the stylization and really like the layout. The story is light fare but enjoyable, I kinda wished the story hook took place sooner and the main character's history revealed as the comic progressed; but that's my bias. I like the protagonist but he was a bit predictable but then again this is just the first issue. I think Ovi and this comic will be going places."
-Rob Koo
Story Artist, "Antz", "Chicken Run", "Shrek", "Madagascar"

"In the glut of grim, stiff, photo-traced, anti-hero, retread or
shoe-gazer, auto-bios of meaningless clap-trap brain farts passing as "art comics " which seem to comprise the bulk of modern American comic industry, PIGTALE by Mr. Nedelcu is a strong tail wind that fills the sails, and blows away most of the junk on the stands today. This comic excites this long time reader and practitioner of comics. Not many comics do that to me today and Ovi's got a stand-out here.
Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for strong storytelling and expressive, solid drawing, characters that act and breathe on the page, and this book has all of that and more. Something's wrong, the author of this comic is blatantly having FUN! This is great cartooning! I can't wait till the next issue! Do yourself and a friend a favor, hound your retailer and make him carry a few extra copies of PIGTALE on the shelf, then buy an extra copy and give it to a friend. You will not only help Ovi, but you will help foster the diversity this medium so desperately needs."
-Mike Manley Editor-in-Chief DRAW! Magazine